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Choosing Ollis Carver Insurance gives you the choice of the high quality insurance markets we represent. Each year when your insurance policies come up for renewal, we have the ability to shop for the best insurance values among a variety of competing companies.

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We Specialize In Commercial & Business Insurance

Ollis Carver, Jr. Insurance was founded in 1985. Our goal is to serve our clients with straight talk, providing them with the highest quality of services and insurance products at a price that makes sense.

Our diligent attention to detail and our commitment to professionalism have earned our company a reputation for distinctive service.

After dedicating 30 years to serving the insuring public I have come to terms of an acquisition with a protégé/colleague of mine I’ve been working with for over 12 years.  Her name is CJ Madden of CJ’s Insurance Services, here in Vallejo.  I have seen to it that she has all of the insuring markets that I have enjoyed over this career so there is no need for my clients to worry about maintaining their coverage. The transition will occur over the next 30-45 days, however finalized by March 22nd.  To the clients:  I will be communicating more in a letter under separate cover of how we will proceed and encourage you to trust her for your continued services.  CJ’s web address is , her e-mail address is, and her phone number is (707) 643-1614.  To the insurers /MGA, please refer to the acquisition/transfer management letter sent under separate cover.

What makes us different?

We serve as your personal broker. As your personal broker we can provide individuals and businesses with an edge of access to specialty markets and strategic information over your competitors. 

Our agency’s Specialty Niche Markets

  • Residential Care Homes/Facilities
  • Non-Emergency Para-Transportation operation
  • Difficult to Place-Unique Businesses
  • Large Commercial Buildings & Apartment Complexes
  • In-Home/Home Based Business
  • Entertainment Risk
  • Stage, Sound & Lighting & Ancillary Production Companies